About Us

The Vine Centre

The Vine Centre was established in 1970 as an Advice Centre, and over the last number of years has extended the range of services and facilities it provides.  All projects now operate out of a new purpose-built centre as previous premises had become unsuitable for all our activities.  The Centre has a Christian ethos as reflected in the non-judgmental, unconditional service we offer to all.  The Centre is managed by a Management Committee with the daily operations being the responsibility of a Centre Manager who reports to the Centre's Director.


Present activites include:

  • Advice Centre
  • Afterschools Clubs
  • Family Education
  • Women's Project
  • Lunch Clubs
  • Senior Citizens Meetings
  • Adult Education Classes
  • Volunteer Development Programme


We provide practical assistance to local people, and organise outings for the community along with Summer Schemes for the children and young people in the area.  Community involvement is encouraged whenever possible in all projects and celebrations.


The Bulrush Daycare Nursery offically opened in November 2004.  This 36-place Daycare facility provides a safe learning environment for children, while increasing their parents' potential to gain employment or to enter training.


Our plans for the future involve increasing all our existing services, as well as developing new areas of interest.  Our expanded vision includes bringing employment to the area, which has one of the highest unemployment rates in Belfast, and regenerating the area both economically and environmentally, as Crumlin is now recognised as one of the most deprived areas in Belfast, having been neglected by previous initiatives.  We aim to do all this while creating the opportunity and potential to enable cross-community contact, as well as overcoming internal community tensions.


The VINE is always looking for committed people to share and work towards this vision.